Are you ready to start doing the things you know you need to do?


Certified Life and Weight Coach Jennifer Banz founded her coaching program to teach you how to start taking action and stop quitting on your weight loss goal.

You think you can't lose weight and keep it off...I'm going to show you that you can.

What I do

I help you get back on and stay on the wagon.

I help you let go of your self limiting beliefs.

I teach you how to lose weight without being perfect.


Experience a new way to lose weight that doesn't leave you feeling deprived or have you striving for perfection.


End night-time eating, cravings, constant hunger, and giving into temptations so you can lose weight more quickly.

Lose weight while enjoying the foods you love.

Drastically lessen the constant thoughts about food and stop the urges to overeat.


All you have to do is follow the steps I give you.


The process is simple to learn and will create massive changes in your life that will last a lifetime.


No Keto Required!

Have you ever said to yourself... 


"I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.”


You need me in your ear cheering you you do the things you know you need to do.


Inside the program you will:

👉Know what, when, and how much to eat.

👉 Bust through a plateau.

👉 Start losing weight without being miserable or feeling deprived...what if you could actually enjoy the process?

👉 Stop eating too much during meals, stop eating the whole pantry at night, and lessen your emotional eating.

👉 Stop falling off the wagon for days, weeks, or months at a time.

👉 Incorporate your favorite fun foods into your plan without getting out of control.

Inside the program you will have access to:

👉New starting December 1st!!!  Customizable meal plans and all of Jennifer's recipes at your fingertips without ads!

👉 A step by step systems so you know exactly what to do.

👉 Unlimited coaching from Jennifer (weekly group coaching and unlimited coaching inside our Facebook group)

👉 Monthly Motivation Challenges (no exercise required)

👉 Our members only Facebook community where you have accountability, challenges, and motivation to keep going.

👉 Our membership website (with an app!) that has all of our lessons at your finger tips. 

What some of my members are saying...


"Officially down 50lbs!  And have 6 months of weight training under my belt.  Had my best friend's daughter's wedding this past weekend.  I HAD A SLICE OF CAKE!!"


"It’s the best “program” I’ve been a part of to lose weight and get healthier. So thank you!!!"


"I get excited with this new way of eating that you are teaching.  I believe now I can lose consistently for the rest of my life and also include fun foods, treats, and special dinners with my family."


"I slowly lost weight lowering my carb intake as a type 2 diabetic and was pretty much at a plateau for a few months not sure what I was doing correctly or incorrectly. Thankfully I found Jennifer... now I am losing weight, exercising regularly and reaching my goals. Yea!"


"Being in this group and getting all the information from Jennifer and the tools to use has helped so much."


"Jennifer has changed my life with her coaching skills and I know I will reach all my goals because of her. Not just weight loss but life skills as well. I can't thank her enough."


"My current weight is not a weight I have seen in years. This journey that we are all on, is the best. Everyone is doing so well."


"Today I weigh less than I have weighed in 10 years."

Quit thinking there is a right time to get started.  There is always going to be obstacles and events getting in the way.  Let me show you how to navigate those and still lose weight.


I've helped 100's of women just like you. 

It doesn't matter how old you are, how much or how little you have to lose.

You are never too old or too far gone to get started.  

I've worked with women who have hundreds of pounds to lose and who are in their 70's.





You are not too far gone.  Now is the time.

Are you ready to finally stop falling off track


All the tools you need to get it done are inside the program.


We have 2 options to join:

Full access for 1 year


That is a savings of $276 per year!



$47 per month

Cancel anytime


Make sure you join before the doors close on December 1st!









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