If you plan on losing weight right now, it's likely you are...


You're beating yourself up when it's not your fault.  There is too much information out there.  Too many opinions on how YOU should eat.


I like a more simple approach.

I will help you take the first step and figure out a plan that works for YOU... one you can actually stick to.

You will learn how to pick yourself back up after falling off track.

You will learn how to start losing weight, improve your health markers, and achieve maintain your focus so you can a your goal.


You will learn all of my easy to implement mindset hacks I use to lose weight so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle you love.

 This is for you if..


You're a keto or low carb newbie who is just getting started and want to start losing weight and maybe improve your health markers, or posibly reduce or eliminate some medications.
You have tried low carb and really want it to work for you but you keep falling off track.
Or you are doing well on keto or low carb but you aren't losing weight and you can't figure out why.


I can help you.

Hi, I'm Jennifer.

This was me at 260 pounds.

  • Thought I was "meant to be fat" because it's "in my genes" and I had been overweight my whole life.
  • Thought my hormones were "out of whack"
  • I would lose 50 pounds, just to gain it all right back.
  • Had no idea how to fit in eating out into my week without falling off track for days or weeks at a time. 
  • Eating everything in sight at night after a day of good eating.
  • I wanted to be a person who eats healthy and exercises so badly but I just couldn't stick to it.  Why couldn't I be one of those people? 

I get it.

I know what it's like to feel stuck.

To feel like you just can't get your mind right.

Fast forward to today:

I've lost over 70 pounds.

I no longer eat everything in sight after a good day of eating.

I know how to make meal prep simple so I never feel like I have "no time to cook."

I know how to include my favorite foods (like pizza, cake, and ice cream) without falling off plan and gaining all the weight back.

My mindset has shifted from "I am doomed to be fat and pre-diabetic" to "I am the healthiest person I know."

This is now my way of life.  I am now a person who eats healthy...and I love it!

So why not you?

I can teach you to do it too.  

All it takes is simple daily steps. 

Let's do it together.


What some of my members are saying...


"It’s the best “program” I’ve been a part of to lose weight and get healthier. So thank you!!!"


"Jennifer has changed my life with her coaching skills and I know I will reach all my goals because of her. Not just weight loss but life skills as well. I can't thank her enough."


"My current weight is not a weight I have seen in years. This journey that we are all on, is the best. Everyone is doing so well."


"I slowly lost weight lowering my carb intake as a type 2 diabetic and was pretty much at a plateau for a few months not sure what I was doing correctly or incorrectly. Thankfully I found Jennifer... now I am losing weight, exercising regularly and reaching my goals. Yea!"

Paula's doctor removed her from all of her medications.


What do you think you could achieve in just a few short months?

  • Start losing weight.
  • Improve your health markers.
  • Learn how to stay focused through tough or busy times like the holiday season.
  • Stop falling off track for weeks or months at a time.
  • Maintain your weight loss.

The time is going to pass anyway...why not get started now?


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  • Weekly group coaching with Jennifer
  • Members only accountability Facebook group
  • Monthly accountability challenges
  • All of the mindset hacks that Jennifer uses to lose weight and maintain her healthy lifestyle
  • Plus so much more!

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