Right now if you want to lose weight with keto...

Plan on piecing together information, being confused, and thinking you need to do "all the things."

Add to that - watching "keto guru's" on YouTube, asking for help in free Facebook groups, downloading every free guide on the internet, and listening to hundreds of podcasts.

...and then maybe, eventually, you will kind of have a plan that moves you forward.

But you just can't seem to stick to it

I like a more simple approach

  • I will help you figure out a keto plan that works for YOU...one you can actually stick to.
  • Coach you on how to stop over-eating.
  • Teach you how to lose the weight for good this time.
  • Teach you how to stop your self sabotaging thoughts and habits.

If you were in my 10 day free challenge, you know how I keep it simple and easy.  With my coaching, you can take that success to the next level and finally reach your goal weight.


Inside LLK you'll get everything you need to create a clear plan of action so you can finally reach your goal weight

Whether you're a keto newbie just getting started

You've tried keto several times but just can't seem to stick to it even though you love all the benefits.

Or you are having success with keto and you want to continue on your journey with coaching and accountability.

As an LLK Member, your success will be fully supported through your weight loss journey

  1. COACHING - 

    Find a keto plan that works for you through Jennifer's coaching so you can stick to your plan and reach your goals faster. 

    Holding each other accountable and cheering each other on in our Facebook group will help build your momentum and motivation.

    With Jennifer's weekly training, your mindset will shift from "this isn't possible for me" to "I know I can do this!"

    - Your health will improve immensely from taking action and sticking to your plan.

Hi, I'm Jennifer

This was me at 260 pounds

I had so many excuses for my weight problem:

  • Thought I was "meant to be fat" because it's "in my genes"
  • No time to prep or plan
  • Addicted to bread and sugar
  • Zero motivation

I get it.

I know what it's like to feel stuck.

To feel like you are doing all the things but it isn't working.


So why not you?

I've lost over 70 pounds with keto.

I no longer crave bread or sugar.

I know how to make meal prep simple so I never feel like I have "no time."

I know how to include a regular cheat meal without falling off plan and beating myself up.

My mindset has shifted from "I'll never reach my goal" to "It's only a matter of time"

I know you can do it, too.  Show up for yourself and...


What some of my members are saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not opening again until January 2021 so get in while you can!

This membership is perfect for women who love keto and all of the benefits such as fewer cravings, more energy, and reduced appetite...but have trouble sticking to it and making it sustainable.

We have a Facebook group as well as a members-only digital platform where the training videos and resources can be accessed 24/7. You choose your own unique login when you sign up.

The membership lasts as long as you want to be a member!  You join for 3 months and after that, you can cancel anytime.

Nope!  In this group we are so much more than another meal plan.  Jennifer will help guide you to finding a plan that will work for you.

Still have questions?

Send me a message!

I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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